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I am a jewellery designer/maker working from my home studio in the lovely town of Bedford. Being a self-taught silversmith, I gained my interest in jewellery making after completing a HND in 3D Design in 2013. Shortly afterwards I slowly built up a toolkit and a dedicated work space to produce artisan jewellery. Something that started as a hobby to make simple pieces for family and friends developed into much more.

During my HND I worked with various materials ranging from ceramics to plastics, but using copper and brass really showed me the possibilities of using metal to fabricate jewellery to be worn on a daily basis, making wearable pieces that last. I have been using sterling silver ever since to create the vast majority of my work, but also incorporate gold and semi precious gemstones to add aesthetic contrasts. 

I particularly enjoy experimenting with silver to explore its unique properties and characteristics - the way it reacts to direct stresses such as heat or force by hammering and forging really intrigues me. These techniques and processes are prominent in my work because of the organic and distinctive surfaces they produce, making each piece completely unique. I do not aim to create 'perfect' jewellery; my pieces evoke rustic elegance with a strong emphasis on the qualities that come with anything that is handmade. There is beauty in imperfection.

Please feel free to follow my journey via my social media platforms where you can find current work and works in progress that hopefully give an insight into the daily life of a jeweller who strongly supports the concept that handmade is better.